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We were founded in 2010 and we were an independent and private entity from scratch, taking pride in our youth, self-sufficiency and autonomy! Primarily, our wealth comprised our ideas, the weight of our members’ resumes and our unyielding stubbornness! Almost no major public organization invested in our projects; however, we invested our limited capital on helping young talents prosper and make progress. We fully commercialized more than ten emerging ideas over the course of the past six years, registered some 25 domestic patents and introduced a couple of international trademarks. Our associates have also registered a total of 7 patents in the UK, the United States as well as a number of PCTs. At the moment, we’re facilitating the development of ideas and initiatives brainstormed by our young colleagues, new generation of university and SAMPAD (National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents) students and gifted entrepreneurs who simply lacked support, some rudimentary funding and moral encouragement to be able to cultivate their pitches and turn them into lucrative, money-making products or solutions. These young talents fall behind when it comes to finding clients and customers for their ideas and attracting investment to bloom. We make it possible for them! There was an absence of startup-oriented, collaborative culture in our region when we were born, and under such circumstances, and while we didn’t receive significant backing by accelerators who could fast-track our movement forward, we’ve made significant achievements, and our people are turning the tide in a variety of fields: high-tech, environmental protection, advanced industries, energy systems, education, bio-engineering, healthcare and municipal management, among others. We’re particularly distinct from comparable startup ventures because we give importance to education, and are not just obsessed with intricate technology or pure sciences – we’re not one-sided and do not approach solution-finding and problem-solving parochially. We believe in the importance of proper, sustainable education for children and young adults. We’ve identified the gaps plaguing our country’s educational system and curriculum both at the secondary education level and also the universities, and endeavored to fill those gaps through organizing seminars and providing advisory assistance to young students, training and preparing them for teamwork, personal and professional goal-setting and innovative thinking. Accordingly, we’ve generated trademark events, which are now widely popular in our region.